The Team

Greetings! We are five MFA graduates from the NYU Game Center, collaborating together  to bring you this wonderful "tap-forming" experience. We come from a variety of different backgrounds and experience levels and are all extremely excited to bring COGNITION into the world! We're currently working in the Incubator program to give COGNITION a final push before it's hitting the App store this fall!. 


Alexander Feigenbaum

Alex Feigenbaum is a programmer and game designer. His career started in museum development, before learning to code and make games. His work focuses on mobile games that are accessible and easy to learn.

He knows way too much about survivor.

@ARFeigenbaum | website

Christopher McGinnis

"I am a game designer living and creating in NYC. I graduated from NYU’s Game Design MFA program and I am currently working as a level designer with my team at the NYU Incubator on COGNITION. I have had an interest in games all of my life and started creating my own in 2011. I Co-founded a studio with 2 other friends in the NYC area in 2011 called Digital Bad Boy Studio. We worked for a few years on nights and weekend exploring game design, but I wanted to make it my full time career so I quit my job and went back to school to attend NYU’s Game Design MFA program.

In my undergraduate, I started as a CS major but switched to fine art where I received my BFA in Sculpture. I then moved to NYC and worked at a fabrication company building sets for TV and Broadway. I worked throughout the company but my main job was running CNC machines with specialization in complicated 3D forms.

I am now looking forward to my career in game design, with specializing in level design. Creating worlds and levels that make enjoyable experiences for the player."

@ChMcGinnis | website

Wen Shi

Wen has been developing interactive experiences for several years ranging from Everlasting Unemployment, a satire on today’s recruiting industry, to MindGamers, a simulation for therapeutic research. Wen is currently working on COGNITION, a “tapformer” game coming to iOS devices this September.

Wen is also appreciative that the token office plant named Tiny Angela does not have any pollen.

@wshibird | website

Eric Teo

Eric Teo was an IT Security Manager in Singapore before coming to New York to pursue his passion of becoming a game designer. He has a deep interest in games both digital and non digital and runs a podcast with a youtube presence, discussing with designers and publishers about tabletop games. He has showed games at various festivals like Indiecade and GDC.

Eric often covered with a lot of fur from his huskie.

@duckizz | website

Emma Wang

Emma Wang is a game designer and artist from China currently located in New York. She is very enthusiastic in creating interesting games for a wide variety of audience types, especially for mobile devices. She is currently working as a game designer and main artist on a mobile game called Cognition.

@emmawang0107 | website