Thanks for the article, TouchArcade!

In their own words, the NYU Game Center "is dedicated to the exploration of games as a cultural form and game design as creative practice. Our approach to the study of games is based on a simple idea: games matter." They expand on that mission statement on their website, but the bottom line is that they think games are serious business and worth exploring at a deeper level just like other forms of art. I met with 5 students from the NYUGC here at GDC who showed off the game they created as their thesis project for the program, a puzzle game of sorts built around a very clever movement mechanic. Check out COGNITION.

One of the highlights for GDC2016 was getting to show our game to TouchArcade which is an amazing site that has reviews and news about mobile games. We signed up for an interview session and proceeded to meet them and play and talk about our game, Cognition. We are extremely excited about their responses. You can read about what they like about our game in this link!

Originally posted March 20, 2016