Best Mobile Game Award Get

The Playcrafting 16 Bit Awards Ceremony was last night and what a pleasant surprise it was- the ambiance, presenters and live music were excellent. After viewing all of the talented nominees for each category, it seemed more unlikely that we would be standing on stage with each entry, but we pulled through. We are excited to announce that Cognition has been selected for the best mobile game award! 

(It lights up and everything).

What an honor it is to be selected for the best mobile game, especially with so many other amazing games in the category (all of the nominees were amazing). Reflecting back, Cognition has really been on quite the adventure, starting from Pluto finding his place in the galaxy and through many iterations ended up being about to Cogs traveling through and inventors memory.  

Video game development is weird.

We really want to really thank our advisers, who helped give us suggestions and critical feed back throughout the process- Pendelton Ward, Ken Wong, Matt Parker, and many more we want to thank you helping us get here. Thanks for Playcrafting and Parsons for making this happen, to the NYU Game Center who  has provided a space and resource for encouraging the creative process every step of the way, and our friends and family for their never ending support.