Best Mobile Game Award Get

The Playcrafting 16 Bit Awards Ceremony was last night and what a pleasant surprise it was- the ambiance, presenters and live music were excellent. After viewing all of the talented nominees for each category, it seemed more unlikely that we would be standing on stage with each entry, but we pulled through. We are excited to announce that Cognition has been selected for the best mobile game award! 

(It lights up and everything).

What an honor it is to be selected for the best mobile game, especially with so many other amazing games in the category (all of the nominees were amazing). Reflecting back, Cognition has really been on quite the adventure, starting from Pluto finding his place in the galaxy and through many iterations ended up being about to Cogs traveling through and inventors memory.  

Video game development is weird.

We really want to really thank our advisers, who helped give us suggestions and critical feed back throughout the process- Pendelton Ward, Ken Wong, Matt Parker, and many more we want to thank you helping us get here. Thanks for Playcrafting and Parsons for making this happen, to the NYU Game Center who  has provided a space and resource for encouraging the creative process every step of the way, and our friends and family for their never ending support. 

COGNITION is OUT NOW & featured in 114 countries!

Its finally released! Cognition can now be found in the App Store and we are also excited to be featured in "New Games We Love" list in over 114 countries! We never could have done it with out help and support from all our families, friends, advisors and the cohort from the NYU Game Center and the incubator! 

If you have gotten the game, do spend a little bit of time to leave us a rating and review!

If you would like to request a press promo code, head on to our distribute link here.

Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH and we look forward to you sharing your level screenshots with us!

Nominated Best Mobile Game at Casual Connect

We just came back Casual Connect USA 2016 and it was a great event! This is our first time attending it so we had no idea what to expect and it was a blast. Its primarily a trade show of sorts where companies who focus on user acquisition and publishers gather to learn from each other and also meet clients who happen to be in the San Francisco area. There are about 100 indie games being showcased (approximately a third of submissions). 

There were a mixed variety of games being displayed, from VR to PC to mobile games and we were running for several categories with some great prizes including mobile phones from Samsung. Furthermore, being selected for the show also meant there was free accommodation in the very hotel that was hosting the convention. So all in all, it was a great opportunity and a good deal for us to be selected, in addition to networking, chatting with other indie developers and attending the nightly parties for even more networking ;p.

We were nominated for the Best Mobile Games category! We had an amazing time and will definitely recommend people to send in their games and attend the event in the future.

If you want to check out the videos and pictures we took, head on to @cognitiongame

Indie Prize and Casual Connect USA 2016

We are very excited to announce that Cognition is in the running for 3 categories of Indie Prize contest and we will be showing our game at Casual Connect USA 2016 in mid July! Eric and Chris will be there so pop by, say hi and play Cognition!

We got into Incubator!

NYU Game Center Image.jpg

We are very excited to announce that we have been selected to participate in the NYU Game Center Incubator! We will be able to spend 3 more months to bring Cognition to a level that we are envisioning and hopefully collaborate with publishers and release it in Fall 2016.

To view details of the incubator and the other games that have been selected with us, check it out here

@Playcrafting: Thanks for playing!

A huge thank you for all of the attendees, organizers, and sponsors at the Playcrafting event last night! It was great and eye-opening to see what other students from the surrounding schools in NY are working on, and that most of the games being created were using Unity3D. 

We were excited at the amount of attention COGNITION received and we realized that we did not having enough iPads so a queue of people formed.

If you missed out on playing, worry not, we're attending the next on in July as well.

There's been a whirlwind of events going on recently, and we're happy to announce the new features we're introducing over the course of the summer- more thoughts on this later!


See You At IndieCade!

We will be at IndieCade East this weekend to showcase COGNITION! We'll be stationed at the NYU GameCenter booth from 10AM - 6PM on Friday (tomorrow) and if you find any of us walking around afterwards, be sure to ask for a sticker (first come first serve in a limited supply, so be sure to stop by and say hello!)


Game Loop Overview

Ahhhh… can you deftly tap and move the cogs swiftly enough to avoid those fatalistically sharp pencils?



Well if you did not make it, at least the rewind feature will put you back at a safe spot and you can try again!


yay! You reach the end of a level! Popping hearts for you!

Originally posted April 23, 2016. 

#Screenshot Saturday


As we are nearing the end of our thesis, here are some screenshots of our latest build and all the visual updates we have made over the past few weeks! 


Originally posted April 23, 2016.

Cuckoo Bird Effect

Cuckoo bird effect when a gear has reached its end rotation!

Originally posted April 23, 2016.

#Screenshot Saturday

We've added two major changes, an anti-dying feature and more game feel.

Check out our new REWIND feature by Alex! now when you get “popped” instead of restarting the level, you will move back a few seconds, complete with VCR sound and shader!'

JUICEEEEEEEE or game feel! Adding juice wherever I can!  I have been watching a lot of videos and thinking of ways to improve the visual effects for our game! -Eric

Note: The images were originally compressed and terribly outdated from tumblr, we will update this post in the near future for better image clarity!

Originally posted April 9, 2016. 

Level Layout Plan

Level layout! We decided to print out all of the levels we currently have in the game in order to plan for the final stretch as we fine tune levels and add a few more as well as rearrange them to provide the best experience for our players!

Originally posted April 2, 2016.